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从品牌重塑角度 谈Timah与面子书改名风波.

你相信“姓名学”吗?撇开迷信之说,且从打造品牌的角度出发,一个品牌名字取得好,在带动品牌的认知度及扩张方面,皆有拔得头筹的效果。 近日热议的2个课题,皆与品牌名字和重塑(Rebranding)有关,其中大马国产威士忌“Timah”名字改与不改的风波,闹得满城风雨,而面子书集团改名“Meta”更是全球瞩目的国际头条。 客观来说,从这两个品牌上,我们看到了品牌重塑的利与弊,至于当中是利大于弊、弊大于利,则见仁见智。

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With the help of the operations under a corporate design company structure, our project freelance designers are more efficient in solving issues which are commonly faced in the designing process. Allowing us to bring abstract ideas and concepts into reality through our customised designs. 

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